Living a Vibrant Life® at any age is a life worth living.

The key to living is to live vibrantly at The Peaks at Old Laramie Trail!

At The Peaks at Old Laramie Trail, our residents partake in Vibrant Life®, a creative program that allows residents to make their own schedules.

Designed thoughtfully to connect you with friends, family and the community, our Vibrant Life® program truly challenges, inspires – especially dares you into becoming adventurous. With many optional outings, you make your own schedule based on your abilities, routines, preferences, and interests.

7 Main Components

  • Be Inspired – Gain a deeper sense of spirituality and feed the soul!

  • Be Well – Stay active and get moving, intellectual stimulation!

  • Be Challenged – Learn, grow and be motivated, ignite competitive spirit!

  • Be Adventurous – Try something new on a daily basis, explore and experience the uniqueness!

  • Be Family – Treasure family connections, share and continue the traditions of the family!

  • Be Social – Celebrate the moments, embrace friendships, listen, talk, and laugh!

  • Be Connected – Share experiences and expertise, engage in meaningful community involvement!

Path to Wellness at The Peaks at Old Laramie Trail

At The Peaks at Old Laramie Trail, we believe wellness is an active process, meaning it takes time, intentionality, and attention to every different aspect of life. Our community is meeting residents where they’re currently at on their journey of wellness and encourages them to pick their own Path to Wellness by getting involved in activities that interest them to stay healthy, happy, and fit. Residents may take part in group or individual wellness programming, which includes on-site physical therapy services given by ONR.  
Path to Wellness Steppingstones: 


One challenge at a time

Build a healthy brain path by participating in trivia contests, reading, completing word puzzles, and more.
1 step at a time
Walk the path to wellness via fitness challenges, group exercise classes, and walking groups.
One reflection at a time
Find out your personal path to mindfulness via self-reflection, meditation, and breathing exercises and techniques.
Interested in learning more about how to take the first step toward your Path to Wellness at The Peaks at Old Laramie Trail?
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